A Spanish Colonial built in 1925 on Star Island is the perfect place for John Jansheski to mix modern-day business and pleasure.

If youÂ’re familiar with South Florida architecture, you probably know the name Walter C. DeGarmo. DeGarmo designed a number of homes, hotels, and more in the Miami area, particularly in the 1920s. He had a penchant for Mission Revival and Mediterranean Revival styles, marked by arches, columns, tile floors, stucco, and Moorish themes, among other features.

While some of DeGarmoÂ’s works are no longer standing, one particular residence on Star Island in Miami Beach remains. It is a Spanish Colonial from 1925, and it was the very first home built there. With character like that, itÂ’s no wonder that it grabbed the attention of John Jansheski earlier this year. An entrepreneur and the founder of oral care products company DenTek, Jansheski now spends time pursuing his passions for boating and shooting fashion photography, both on the property.

Jansheski says he’s always lived on the water, so the location on Biscayne Bay was a big draw. (“Maybe it’s my sign,” he jokes. “I’m a Pisces.”) He’s also a longtime boater, so the boat dock was ideal. But equally important, Jansheski says, is that the house represents “a lifestyle blend between indoor and outdoor spaces.” After all, there was no air conditioning in the 1920s, so plenty of areas in the 12-bedroom mansion are open and transitional as a result.

Jansheski doesn’t yet have a favorite room in the house, but he does love the “huge” master suite. And, “You can see the water from every room,” he says.

The abundance of other bedrooms works out well for Jansheski, too, for entertaining or holding photo shoots on site. In the latter case, they permit everyone from stylists to models to work late and wake up refreshed for the next dayÂ’s assignments. Jansheski recently converted the houseÂ’s drawing room into a state-of-the-art fashion-photography studio. HeÂ’s thrilled with how itÂ’s working out, especially with how the house itself makes for the ideal backdrop for his photo shoots.

ThereÂ’s no doubt that DeGarmo would be proud.