One of a Kind Oceanfront Property sells for a Record Breaking Price on The Strand, Manhattan Beach, By Lindsay Gabrielski, Associate Web Editor OceanHome.

On a visit to Manhattan Beach, our President, Rick Sedler and Publisher, Hugh Malone, got word of Gerard Bisignano’s success as a Real Estate Agent for some of South Bay’s most prominent oceanfront homes. Hoping to grab a cup of coffee and hear about some of his prestigious listings, Rick reached out to Gerard who was more than eager to show off his prized listing; a home, he referred to as the “absolute most unique property” on The Strand.

Even his bold statement, does little justice to this truly distinctive architectural icon, which on April 8th sold for $10.9 million, setting a real estate record for the highest home sale in the history of the South Bay beach cities, according to the Multiple Listing Service real estate database. Even through the housing market debacle, Bisignano found that the luxury oceanfront home market really did not come down as much as the market as a whole. For buyers in this market, they are simply waiting for the right time and it seems that now they are emerging to invest in homes of this caliber.

Attracting potential buyers to this particular home was never a concern for Bisignano. Locally, the steel and glass home was one everyone knew about, the kind of home that caused people to pause in passing in the hope they might catch a glimpse inside. Designed in 1988 by the co-founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture and renowned architect, Ray Kappe the house stands apart from others along The Strand as a marvel of modern architecture. Co-Designer Dean Nota referred to it as the “most interesting piece of architecture in the South Bay.”

When the house went on the market last year many Manhattan Beach Natives were eager to see the inner workings of Kappe’s architectural genius. Of those that visited the property, Bisignano found 99% of them liking it more after their visit. Bisignano attributes this to the houses design and orientation that dramatically emphasize the ocean views. With its circular front and floor to ceiling windows the house “embraces the coast lines” absorbing “so much more of the view” then others around it, while simultaneously blending the outside and inside in an aesthetically pleasing way. Besides the unparalleled views, the house features a 12-foot sculpted stainless-steel front door, spiral stairs, glass railings, a glass-enclosed catwalk, and a rooftop deck and pool representing the highest vantage point in Manhattan Beach.

While luring people to the home, the uniqueness made for a more complex sell in an area that Bisignano calls “a sleepy beach town” at heart. The three bedroom, six bathroom house seems more of a work of art than your typical beach-front home, which required further exposure of the home to places like New York City and overseas where it might appeal as a second home to buyers in the luxury real estate market. Ultimately, the buyer was a Manhattan Beach native, who Bisignano calls a “savvy business man.” Bisignano is confident he is a perfect match for the house, great appreciation for its architectural significance and the “vision and passion” to bring it to the next level.

Closing the deal was both a celebratory and depressing day for Bisignano. For Bisignano, working with this home will remain “truly unique” among his deals and “to match it will be difficult.” Will Gerard find another to match 1600 The Strand? Hard to say, but we are hoping if he does, OceanHome will be fortunate enough to be invited for the tour.

Gerard Bisignano, Real Estate Professional, Peninsula SothebyÂ’s International Realty

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*Photos Courtesy of Scott Mayoral