Muse Residences, the newly completed luxury residence in Sunny Isles, Florida, recently debuted a stunning, massive new chandelier called Diamond Cloud in its lobby.

Muse’s interior designer firm ANTROBUS + RAMIREZ commissioned a bespoke chandelier from European brand Preciosa. The company created a special composition unique to Muse called the Diamond Cloud. The patterning of the chandelier was inspired by the twisting form and movement of the tower, continuing the narrative and sense of motion throughout the building. Diamond Cloud is an ethereal light, created from a series of crystal rods. The variety of crystal cuts applied to the rods catches viewers’ eyes, creating an unmissable reflection of light. When the light is illuminated, even more glittering glow is created. Because of the length of the components, the pattern works well in an elevated or vertical arrangement. Preciosa one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine glass chandeliers.

Just as the chandelier stands out for its massive size and stunning design, Muse stands out in the Miami skyline because of the unique engineering and twist at the building’s core create an optical illusion of movement.

Designed by conceptual designer, Carlos Ott, and architect, Sieger Suarez, Muse is a boutique development featuring 64 private residences. The building was designed with just glass and steel on the outside giving it a unique look in the Miami market. The design intent was to create a very clean and sleek tower but it needed an architectural move to make it dynamic as well.  This is where the concept of the twist was introduced. No other building in the Sunny Isles market is curated to this extent of detail.,