White room walls have definitely a lot of advantages when it comes to interior design: they make a room look more spacious, brighter, cleaner, and crisper. You might have only painted the walls in white or went the full nine yards and also chose white furniture and rugs. No matter if you paint your living room, your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, a fully white décor offers a feeling of peace, comfort, and breeziness.

But a fully white room may also come with small disadvantages: it may look a bit sterile, cold, and lifeless or lacking personality. Sometimes we also hear a comparison with hospitals, which is not preferable. There is why there are many living room decoration ideas based on white backgrounds. So today we will look at five tips and simple ideas on how to add style to your white living room.


1. Pops of Color

A white living room can be turned into a wondrous space if you add pops of bright and bold colors here and there. This is the simplest way to decorate a fully white living room: colored couch cushions, colored carpets, furniture accessories, wall art, and so on. A bright carpet to match your window treatments or a coffee table matching your light fixtures can give a room a feeling of completeness and harmony. You can easily liven up a white room and add value to the white, making it look like a decoration taken out from the cover magazine.


2. 50 Shades of… White

You might find this peculiar, but ask any interior designer and he will tell you that there are different shades of white. If you want to truly turn a room into an outstanding piece of art, you can add contrast and depth by playing only with hues of white. One gorgeous idea is to also add texture with white shades – bring in modern wallpaper in a brick model or one in an industrial pattern.


3. The Holy Trinity

In terms of interior design, there are a few timeless color schemes and trios that give any room a feeling of modernism, minimalism, and stylish urban atmosphere. One of them is the red-black-white triad, which has a specific Asian influence that has been adapted to our western style of designing with fabulous results. You can simply add black and red accessories to complete and compliment a white background, or you can introduce new pieces of furniture or fixtures. The red-black-white combo is cheerful and light, allowing dozens of ideas to emerge.


4. Textured Whites over Other Textured Whites

This idea is similar to the one focusing on shades of white – but it goes a bit further. Instead of playing with hues, you can play with textures. Keep your entire room white but change the wallpaper texture, bring in a thick fluffy carpet, choose a rugged texture for the walls paint and a shiny satin fabric for the couch. You can also cover the floor in white textured tiles with a marble or matte texture as well. If you draw your inspiration from Italian architecture, you can also add stone sculptures on walls and have ceiling treatments as well.

A fully white room needs to be perfectly clean and dusted, and sometimes it is hard to maintain. This is why you need to pick the correct textures which are easy to clean and keep in perfect neatness.


5. Glittery Gold

White and gold is a color scheme you can’t say no to. It is royal, elegant, sumptuous, and striking. An urban chic studio apartment can get its dash of glam with a few well chosen golden accessories. If you have enough space, the intricate Victorian style white-gold wallpaper will turn any room into a work of art. You don’t have to stuff your living room with too many golden accessories or fixtures but add just a few: golden metallic furnishes and fixtures, an accent wall, stripes of wallpaper, a chandelier, chair frames and so on. Gold emphasises the white without clashing with it – thus turning your living room in a contemporary urban palazzo.

These are just a few ideas on how to decorate your fully white living room. You can learn from some of the best designers and borrow their ideas to adapt to your own needs and lifestyle. You can also get inspiration from the major interior design trends of our times. How would you decorate a simple white room? What would you bring to make it truly stand out?

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Image Credits: Photo by belchonock.