Our gardens are far more than just plants, grass and trees they are our sanctuary away from the world and where we can enjoy some well deserved, uninterrupted ‘me time’. Gardens are also amazing spaces for outdoor entertaining, and can, with a bit of work, perfectly complement the house itself.


An Elegant Water Feature

These provide a quiet, relaxing soundtrack of water flowing into pools and the gentle hissing of fountains or mini waterfalls may be more preferable than music. Loud music makes it difficult for guests to hear each other and creates an uncomfortable lull in conversation. Water features also give much needed texture, break up lines of trees or bushes and provide a water source for any visiting birds or mammals. For instance, a pond might be surrounded by ornamental grasses, small shrubs and placed near a birdbath or stone sundial. Larger water features, traversed by little bridges, such as Japanese style streams winding their way through the garden should be surrounded by cherry blossom trees, ferns and even bamboo to create the illusion of hidden depths.


An Outdoor BBQ Area

Take outdoor dining to the next level by including an impressive fire pit, high-tech gas BBQ or your very own grill cabin. Perfect for hosting, they sit twenty five people, the cabin’s built in a hexagonal wooden frame that mirrors Scandinavian chic with carpeted floors, baroque style seating and a stunning centre grill with industry standard equipment. Keep your guests cozy when the temperature drops by installing a fire pit, not only will you have a the convenience of a roaring fire anytime you like but add in cashmere cushions, blankets and chaise longue chairs and you’ve got an incredible heated entertaining and dining area that can be used all year round.


A Gorgeous Gazebo

No garden worth its salt is complete without a beautiful gazebo where you can sit in comfort, curl up with a good book or enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day. Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, you could even surround it with a white, picket style vinyl pvc fence so it’s important to think what you’ll be using it for. Why not add romance by incorporating a freestanding arch that you can trail roses, wisteria and jasmine over? Not only will it smell and look wonderful but you’ll have created a real focal point while giving your gazebo an extra special touch.


Private Personal Spa

With a little planning and organization it’s highly possible to enjoy relaxing massages, hot stone treatments and even aromatherapy sessions right on your doorstep. You may already have a hot tub, pavilion or even a sauna but what could be better than, after a long, busy day, coming home to unwind in your own personal spa? Before you start hiring beauty assistants and looking up the price of organic oils it’s worth considering the spa itself. Examine your garden and decide what style you’ve created. Is it contemporary? Classic? Herbal? Japanese inspired or English country garden? Choose natural, eco friendly materials where possible and check whether you need planning permission before work starts on your sleek, state-of-the-art spa.