Designing and building your own home is the ultimate dream for many people, and to enjoy the place you live in knowing that you are responsible for everything about it – from the interiors to the number of bedrooms – can be a great feeling.

But it should be said that designing your dream home does not come without its own problems and the best piece of advice for anyone starting off on this journey would be to do your research and plan for every eventuality.


Location, location, location – and design

You may believe you have found the perfect spot for your new home but you should make sure that it is right for all aspects of your life – now and in the future. Be realistic on your initial design, from the budget to what kind of house you want to live in. When do you want to enjoy the sunlight? How open-plan do you really want the building to be? These are all details that need to be addressed at the design stage, long before you start building.


Get professionals to look after the details

It goes without saying that you would want to have a trustworthy, reputable team looking after the construction phase of the build. By all means, choose people or companies that are personally referred to you, but you might find hiring contractors that are covered by an umbrella company will benefit you in the long run. Having to deal with sickness or insurance issues can delay the eventual enjoyment of your dream home, so having people that can sort out all those legalities for the people constructing your house could be a lifesaver. Thanks to these kinds of organizations, you can concentrate on the excitement of watching your dream home being built before your very eyes.


Be realistic

As much as you should be thinking logically when you first set out on the adventure that is designing and building your own home, you should also be aware that those amazing ideas you initially had may not end up coming to fruition. It could be that your budget does not match the amount of work or materials needed. Alternatively, you might have to change design during the build, due to unforeseen circumstances. Remember, this is still your home – and your design. It may not be what you first had in mind but it will still be your family’s home.

Having the opportunity to start designing and building your family’s home can be one of the most rewarding things you are ever likely to do. It can also be one of the most stressful, time-consuming and expensive, if you don’t plan ahead and go about the process in a logical manner.

Although you should not cut corners or allow setbacks to dampen your dream, always think realistically and go with what you really want and need. Then when it is all finished, you can sit back and really enjoy the fruits of your labors.