For those of us lucky enough to travel regularly, it can become boring if we keep ending up in the same places. We want new experiences, different cultures, and incredible new tastes. There is something quite freeing about packing a bag and heading to a new country. But you can’t always rely on the pin-in-the-map approach to finding the best destinations. Here are 5 places you may never have thought of:



This beautiful resort region has become increasingly popular with students on their Spring Break. This puts off a lot of the serious travelers from visiting and finding out more about this place. El Centro is a more traditional downtown area that boasts beauty, culture, and local cuisine. Traveling should be about fun, and there is plenty to be had here. And there are some wonderful cheap holidays in Cancun to get you there. The nightlife is vibrant and offers a lot of choice for spending the evening out and about.


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When you’re traveling through Europe, it is often the smaller countries that get missed out. But Belgium offers so much. We all have different reasons for traveling, but if yours is to find out more about the history of place, Belgium doesn’t disappoint. The museums and galleries offer greater insight into the role of Belgium in Europe than many of the bigger countries. And then, of course, is the chocolate! Belgium offers delightful culinary experiences to even rival Paris.


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This is another tiny country in Europe that is often overlooked. It’s just a few hours by car or rail from the center of London. You’ll find breathtaking landscapes and an incredible array of adventure activities. Many people in Wales choose to speak Welsh. It is a beautiful language and well worth trying a few words. Place names sound like poetry! Cardiff is a fantastic city to see as well, offering everything a traveler might need.


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Singapore is country that is incredibly welcoming. Many travelers mistakenly believe it is Westernized. While English may be spoken almost anywhere, Singapore retains its traditions and charms. The culture here is revered. No matter when you arrive, there are festivals, museums and other exhibitions on. They regularly provide in-depth insights into the people and their history. Best of all, the mix of cultures that live here have blended beautifully to make Singapore and incredible destination to explore.


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For a country as culturally rich as Turkey, it is surprising that few travelers consider this as a place to explore. Admittedly, there are many tourist hotspots that lack the truth about the place. But there are incredible places that you must see as a traveler. One of them is Pamukkale. It’s a World Heritage Site. Pamukkale is an extraordinary vision in white. Enjoy the hot springs for a day, then move on. Or why not stay for a week and see what this part of Turkey has to offer you?


Every country has its little gems that are hard to find. And some countries can be ignored altogether. As a dedicated traveler, it can be exciting to find those places nobody ever mentioned before. So go on, and take a look at something you never even thought of.