We’re always looking for cool ways to improve the interior design of our house. One room that often gets neglected is, well, it’s not really a room at all! We’re talking about the entrance hallway; the first thing people see when they walk through your front door. And, with our help, you’ll be able to make yours look great!

Fabulous Flooring

One of the keys to a great entrance hall is the flooring. You’re not going to wow anyone with boring carpet or ancient floorboards. Instead, you want something stylish, something that will pop and bring the entire hallway together. You could go for tiling here, the hall is one of the rooms where tiling works in the home. But, we prefer the look of a hardwood floor. You can get amazing reclaimed wood flooring that looks phenomenal. It’s cheaper than the synthetic stuff and looks natural and brilliant. Of course, this is all about personal preference. If you hate hardwood floors, go for a style you like instead. The important thing to remember is to get a flooring that stands out and exudes quality.

Wonderful Walls

Your hallway walls are also going to be a big thing to think about here. If you want your entrance hall to look fantastic, then the walls have to be on point. I’ll start off by saying; make sure the walls are in good condition. You don’t want there to be cracks in them or chips on the corners. If there are any gross bits, get that sorted out. Then, you work on the style and look. Perhaps you’ll lay down some brand new wallpaper that looks modern and classy. In fact, you can do this to cover up any cracks or dirty bits. After you’ve got your wallpaper sorted, you’ll have to think about what else to do with your walls. In my opinion, you should hang a couple of pieces of artwork on the walls. Nothing massive, just a couple of little picture frames with modern art in them. I say modern art because it’s quite minimalistic and abstract. It won’t burst from the walls, but it will add a subtle class to your hall. People will glance at them when they walk through and admire the simple beauty.

Sublime Staircase

Another huge part of your entrance hall is your staircase. When someone walks into your house, they’ll see your hall and your stairs will be on show too. You could spend all the time in the world doing up the walls and floor, but don’t forget the stairs! Ensure that they fit with the style you’re going for. You can’t have a sleek hardwood floor, modern wallpaper and then some ugly old stairs. If you’re going for a modern look, make sure the stairs look modern too. You could also build storage into your stairs as a clever little home hack. Would help make your entrance hallway look even better than it already is.