How to host friends and family in your own state-of-the-art outdoor entertainment space By Brooke Neuman

Few things are more relaxing than hanging out in the back yard—lounging poolside or grilling. Adding to the appeal of spending time outside, experts agree that big trends for 2010 include outdoor home theaters and speakers.

Outdoor entertainment, however, comes with the problem of unpredictable weather. Rather than shuffling all your entertainment inside and fussing over wires and plugs, innovators have created outdoor all-weather models that will leave you worry-free. Manufacturers like Luxurite, Pantel and Sunbrite TV offer outdoor LCD TVs that provide outstanding quality and appearance. Models now incorporate function and entertainment, while aluminum casts and finishes allow these TVs to withstand dirt, insects, rain, and extreme temperatures. Models also feature anti-reflective technology that facilitates a clear, crisp picture. And with HD-quality, water-resistant touch screens and remotes, plus numerous mounting options, your backyard could become the ultimate outdoor experience.

With screen sizes ranging from 22 inches to 82 inches, these models can be personalized to fit any backyard space. A smaller model installed above a Jacuzzi makes for an intimate viewing experience, while a larger model on the island of an outdoor kitchen or barbeque is best for bigger groups.
Leading manufacturers like SpeakerCraft and Sonance are responding to the demand for functional and decorative entertainment by re-creating wireless speakers, some of which are disguised as rocks, planters, and lanterns that blend into your outdoor environment. Internal wire connections, water–resistant woofers, and UV water-resistant coating allow speakers to stand up to the elements.

When placing speakers, consider a location that create the best sound quality: speakers near a solid area ensure the best projection of sound. Also, place your speakers about 12 feet away from your guests to create a clear, crisp sound. When mounting speakers, higher is better for sound quality, but make sure it does not exceed 10 feet to prevent the sound from fading.

Set the stage for your next barbeque or dinner party, or simply enjoy some rest and relaxation poolside with luxury entertainment that will be sure to impress your guests—rain or shine.

the get sunbrite all-weather outdoor lcd tv

SunBriteTVÂ’s 22-inch 2220HD is an all-weather outdoor LCD TV ideal for those who are looking for multimedia options in their up-close-and-personal viewing areas, such as the barbecue, spa, patio, or fire pit. Its powder-coated aluminum exterior provides protection from outside glare, as well as corrosion from rain, dirt, insects, and those warm beach temperatures. Plus, itÂ’s equipped with a water-resistant speaker module that can be removed when the TV is integrated with an external sound system. Looking for something larger? SunBriteTV also features an array of larger all-weather models ranging from 32 inches to 55 inches. $2,095,

*Photos courtesy of SunBrite TV