Interior Design

10 Ways to Get a Breezy Home

Older houses had no such thing as air conditioning to switch on in summer. These old-school (and eco-friendly) design tricks were used to get air flowing throu... Read More >
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The Wallpaper Trail

When it comes to ocean home décor, vibrant paints in a spectrum of cool coastal blues, greens, taupe and crisp whites have long ruled the roost. But a n... Read More >

Cape Cod Contemporary

If three’s a crowd and too many cooks spoil the broth, clearly no one told the talented design teams behind this masterful and eye-catching contemporary ... Read More >
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The Art of the Sail

During the late 1990s, vintage ski posters skyrocketed in popularity. Today, desirable examples can sell for tens of thousands of dollars and are often used to... Read More >

Picturesque Florida Getaway

When a town's name is Watercolor, and it's on the equally tantalizingly named Emerald Coast in the Florida panhandle, you have a hunch it's going to be a testa... Read More >