At just 300 acres, the Caribbean island of Jumby Bay packs a sizeable luxury punch

Though part of the Antigua microarchipelago, Jumby Bay merits classification as its own luxe sovereign nation. Founded on the principles of privacy, integrity, relaxation, glamour, beauty, and hospitality, the 300-acre island delivers in a huge, sumptuous way.

There are 58 homes and rental villas that comprise Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort, naturally landscaped by the most prized of AntiguaÂ’s 365 famed crystalline beaches. Life on this all-inclusive island is simply paradise on Earth.

Unveiled in early 2010, Jumby BayÂ’s new resort suites take shape as expansive studio homes, each boasting a private entrance and a superbly appointed living room/master bedroom, flanked by a patio and a multi-faceted bathroom that also extends far into the outdoors. Indeed, the oversized bathtub and rainshower of the colossal bathroom terrace are strong competition against the islandÂ’s other exceptional offerings, like the full-service cabanas along Jumby Bay Beach, the beachfront infinity pool at Pond Bay Terrace, three restaurants serving experiential cuisine, and the sensational SENSE spa.
The island’s outlets and outposts are connected by manicured walkways and bridges accessible by foot or bicycle. And there’s no need to worry about locking up before you leave—Jumby Bay is so safe that locks were never installed.

Intoxicated by simplicity and relaxation, most guests never leave the island during their stay. For those keen to explore the mainland, the houseboat transports patrons between Jumby Bay and Antigua proper 16 times daily; however, snorkeling and short leisure cruises are usually enough scheduled “activity” for the day.

Visitors often find it hard to break away from the priceless sunset views, the constant pampering, and Jumby BayÂ’s evening festivities. Every night brings a different gastronomic adventure or themed event, such as TuesdayÂ’s gregarious cocktail reception or SundayÂ’s beach BBQ Night. ItÂ’s a special feeling to toast the start of the week, barefoot on the beach, under moonlight and surrounded by tiki torches, feasting on an all-out Caribbean-American BBQ, including delectable skewers of fresh seafood, lobster tails, homemade sÂ’mores, and chocolate-covered grilled bananas. And, after dinner, if youÂ’re lucky, you may even spot some sea turtles coming up to nest along the beach.

Meet the Neighbors — Montserrat Often overshadowed by glitzier neighboring islands, the sleepy island of Montserrat reveals a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle nearly forgotten in the age of globalization. With only 4,800 residents, the lush, mountainous, sparsely populated island teems with a sense of community, where residential dining rooms double as restaurants. Montserrat’s mighty volcano keeps two-thirds of the island off limits and the masses at bay; however, the morbidly fascinating aftermath of the volcano’s destructive path circa 1997 is a highlight of any trip to the island. Still, the main draw nowadays is enjoying affordable prices on private villas—and there are several to choose from—and quick immersion into simple island life. Montserrat is a 20-minute Cessna flight from Antigua’s airport. visit