Bamboo has been used in architecture for its sustainable, functional and decorative features. Lately, creative minds have come up with inventive ways of showcasing bamboo details in residential or commercial architecture. If you’re a big fan of this amazing tree, then you might have even thought of bringing its beauty and natural influence into your own home, so let’s explore a few variations on this theme.

Starting with an exemplary use of bamboo seen in the Urban Cabin designed by Fabio Galeazzo, we find ourselves in a world of possibilities. Bamboo elements have this exotic appeal that speaks about the need to surround ourselves with natural materials. Inspired by modernist painter Tarsila do Amaral’s works, this modern cabin received its defining traits in the shape of a sustainable framework of giant bamboo beams and columns. This fascinating combination of colors and textures might inspire your next project.



Exterior use of bamboo brings into the spotlight the Bamboo Forest House in eastern Taiwan. Dressed in an inspiring bamboo skin, the urban family vacation residence is a brainchild of Roewu Architecture. Solid volumes were adorned with a series of bamboo screens that wrap around them in a successful effort of making it easier for the interiors to be naturally ventilated while keeping the windows open. Privacy was also strengthened by this bamboo addition – it acts like a buffer between the calm interior atmosphere and the surrounding urban outdoors.



Another dazzling display of bamboo comes from the Bamboo Courtyard House – a contemporary office building in Yangzhou, China. Extensive use of bamboo brings this design by Harmony World Consulting & Design to our attention – having been built on water, the amazing example filters natural light through bamboo poles, creating an interesting play of light and shadow. Contemporary details like the playful geometry of doors construct the bridge to modern architectural design we have come to cherish.




How about showcasing beautiful bamboo on the ceiling? This idea below was presented by Galeazzo Design in a residential project built in São Paulo, Brazil. The countryside residence makes use of natural materials and modern technologies to create a welcoming environment for the extensive family meeting here once in a while. Known as the Ranch House, the house displays bamboo used in many forms, from the main entrance bamboo doors to the ceilings in the social spaces. By using sustainable materials, the designers prove that we can enjoy both the uprising of informed environmental decisions and the comfortable lifestyle we all strive for.







Last but not least, the use of bamboo in its natural growing state can become the best way to improve a garden, a side of the house or define a beautiful interior garden. As seen in the example below, bamboo sticks go very well with a simple contemporary architecture. Portrayed in the collaboration between San Francisco-based architects Lucian Rosciszewski and Marek Slosar, the bamboo trees make their mark on the collaborative effort of inducing a Zen atmosphere in and around this Californian home.

Which way would you use bamboo to define spaces in or around your own home?







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