Perfect for a party of people or seen as a private retreat, a sauna conveys your routine to a relaxation circuit week after week. Carefully choose the size, shape and features of your new sauna to avoid using up too many resources for your enjoyment – respect the environment as you respect yourself.

Whether you’re having a sauna built in the basement where the unused space can be transformed into a fascinating place to retreat to whenever you feel the need, or any other place in your home that has a view, the effects will be the same once you drift off into the dream world, eyes shut and body relaxed. A panoramic sauna could accentuate your relaxation moments, turning them into a unique experience you will want to repeat.

Drawing inspiration from any corner of the world results in an ever growing knowledge about international design that helps put your favorite details in order. For example, the inviting Gitschberg Hotel is a quiet location at the foot of the Gitschberg mountain, in the Italian South Tyrol region. Mixing design and natural panoramas of the surroundings, Italian studio Bea Interiors created a stunning array of spaces culminating with a naturally lit sauna overlooking fabulous winterscapes.




Conventional or highly contemporary, a sauna brightly lit by sunshine provokes you to let go and live in the moment. Wood expands your connection to the outdoors, while a glass wall floods the sauna with natural light, as we can see in the example below. This sauna is part of the Canadian holiday home known as La Luge and ws designed by Montreal-based Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes.



Wet or dry, the idea behind this wellness helper remains the relaxation of the body and mind. This is why it is so important to enjoy the experience as a whole and imply all senses necessary for the results to be magnificent. Simplicity remains the best choice, as exemplified by this beautifully crafted sauna seen in the Big Bay Beach House (below). The collaboration between COA and Fuchs, Wacker Architekten led to a minimalist approach throughout. Visible in all spaces of the house including the sauna, quality craftsmanship raises the bar for modern professional design.



Using lights and shadows inside the sauna creates a different atmosphere than the usual spa feeling, it enhances the outcome of your relaxation experience while offering a customized visual effect. If daylight is welcomed inside your sauna, the effects will be energizing and in tune with the natural daytime/nighttime occurrence. Flanked by a glass wall on one side and a terrace door and window on the other, this sauna can be seen in a renovated townhouse spotted on HomeDSGN.


Part of a spacious wellness space, this small sauna below can be seen in an elegant Madrid home, El Viento, designed by Otto Medem Arquitectura. Besides capturing inspiring surroundings through large windows, this home is prepared to offer comfort and relaxation in every room. The sauna room completes the relaxation choices and extends the influence of the natural surroundings with its unique design.

Are you prepared to be more relaxed?


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