Every ocean home inhabitant experiences ski winter vacations more intensely, after soaking in the sun for the rest of the year. An enjoyable ski vacation is not linked only to the sport possibilities, it also needs to be sustained by a comfortable private place to retreat to when you’re tired. A small collection of three beautifully designed chalets will guide this winter’s exploration of inspiring ski locations – which one do you think would stand a better chance of receiving a visit from you?

1. The White Pearl Chalet in the French Alps

This fantastic modern chalet in the French Alps – between the village of Val d’Isère and the Funival funicular in La Daille – displays an inviting rustic appeal. Standing against the large snowed rocks, the lightly-colored rustic construction known as the White Pearl Chalet spreads over 3,330 square feet. Promising peacefully private moments of relaxation after the hours spent skiing, the interiors designed by by Philippe Capezzone capture a welcoming atmosphere.



Elegant choices in furniture accentuate the natural colors mirroring the surroundings. Exposed wooden beams lit by carefully selected lighting pieces create a cave-like ambiance in soft colors. Warming up by the stone fireplace and enjoying the comfy cushions, you retreat to a world of carefully constructed luxury earned after a day of up and down the ski run.


Chalet Brickell living room


Sleeping up to ten guests at once, the private chalet rises three stories in the air. Each of the five en suite bedrooms overlooking the memorable French Alps are prepared to offer the best in modern luxury, while the public areas are perfect for spending time with friends. Gathered around the dining table, guests can re-connect and share ideas on the new experiences, create new memories and bond over a good meal.


Chalet Brickell bedroom



2. Chalet Brikell in France

French studio Pure Concept imagined and implemented a concept of unobstructed views of the surroundings seen from welcoming interiors. Chalet Brikell is found in Megève, a commune in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France, right at the foot of the mountain. This 12,900 square foot luxury accommodation facility merges the rich sobriety of noble materials with an inspiring choice of furniture in highly functional spaces accentuated by natural and glamorous colors.






Constructed of elegant details, the public interior spaces are basked in natural light and have permanent visual contact with natural forces outside. Bespoke rugs lie at your feet while chic textures and patterns shape a luxurious surrounding space. Enhanced by an authentic simplicity, the Chalet  breaks the monotony of hospitality accommodations with splashes of luxurious finishes and elegant materials.


White Pearl Chalet dining room


Capturing the essence of this winter sport, this ski lodge is proud to display a comforting warmth inside, contrasting with the snowy surroundings. Bedrooms offer a twist and each guest feels the warmth with which the design team encourages relaxation via textures, colors and details.


White Pearl Chalet bedroom


 3. The WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort in Switzerland

These ultra-modern hospitality pods overlooking a beautiful Swiss valley in the village of Les Cerniers surprise us with their excellent design. The eco-luxury WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort gathers 15 original igloo-shaped accommodation units in a picturesque landscape 1,700 meters above sea level.



White Pod Alpine Ski Resort exterior



The traditional igloo shape served as inspiration for these highly modern pods. Each pod hides a king-sized bed near a fireplace looking out the wide window to discover awe-inspiring views. There are also social spaces where guests can enjoy food and drinks – one of the luxurious domes shelters the Restaurant des Cerniers where refined cuisine rich in local traditions and savory mountain dishes surprise you with their uniqueness.


White Pod Alpine Ski Resort interior


There is a wide range of exemplary accommodations all around the world, some of them indulging guests with a traditional take on things, while others bet on modern hospitality – which one do you prefer?

White Pod Alpine Ski Resort bedroom




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