Modern dining spaces by the beach are free to embed the surrounding natural beauty in their design. Creating a home oriented towards the property’s best views is incomplete without that magic dining room that should be as addictive as social networking sites. Accommodating more or less friends and family depending on the available space, long dining tables are always a great way of gathering people you love in one place for at least an hour. Now, doesn’t this space deserve some respect? And the right to tap into this amazing world of creativity named interior design?

Transparent chairs overlooking the ocean

There’s nothing more beautiful announcing the following cold season like a collection of transparent dining chairs in a minimalist home. The space arrangement you can see in the photo below is part of a complex beach house design imagined by Longhi Architects and located in Misterio Beach, a little south of Lima, Peru. Known as the Alvarez Beach House, this five story property overlooks waves crushing on the beach – dining in an uplifting space above the surroundings can turn into a fairy- tale routine.

See how the transparent plastic chairs filter light at different moments in the day? This never ending transformation benefits from an awe-inspiring position – looking across the water and colored clouded skies. Framed by the window profiles, the evening views are incomplete without candlelight, I imagine.

Alvarez Beach House dining room

Daylight floating in through glazed retractable walls and the breeze integrating in the atmosphere – imagine hot summer days when all you need is a refreshing salad – call a few friends over and enjoy the breeze together over a meal, that should get your day going.

Dark lamps and translucent curtains

Three elegant hanging lamps above a rounded dining table in an open dining space overlooking the ocean – what can beat that? Perhaps its reflection in the dark floors. This simply striking space below is part of the Balcony Over Bronte residential project designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects. For an intimate dinner, the glazed walls close up and beautiful floor-to-ceiling translucent drapes filter natural light inside.

Balcony Over Bronte dining roomModern wood dining room table

How about dining almost outside, on the beach – family and friends gathered around the wooden table, under a sculptural chandelier. For a powerful impact, choose white chairs on the long sides of the table and dark ones at each end. This specific dining space is part of a beautiful vacation home  in the Caribbean – I couldn’t imagine a better way to draw inspiration from hospitality than learning from the experts.

Modern wood dining room table

A long table surrounded by Eames chairs is always a beautiful sight. Just like in the Hillside Bungalow by Interlink Design Solutions, you can use a small army of your favorite monochromatic chairs and line them up around a patterned dining table. Featured here is a 10 feet dining table was custom made from Turkish Marmara white marble reflecting in the 11 feet custom-made mirror on the wall. Luxury meets opulent elegance in this architectural residence – search for your inspiration and apply it in the most social space of your home.

Modern marble dining room in the city

Cheerful yet elegant, this next example inspires us to play with colors and textures in a new, enchanting way. A vibrant palette does wonders in a high, white space. Colorful chairs with metal structures flanking both long sides of the opaque white dining table adorn a large orange carpet. The geometric play of colors and shapes are pierced by a dark hanging light. Large glazing floods this inviting dining space with natural light and the space’s soft sobriety ensures lovely dinner parties. Part of the Beach Walk House by SPG Architects, this last inspiring dining space wraps up the general idea – enjoy what you have with who you love!

Modern dining room in the city

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