Autumn has a special place in every heart – it either induces an awe-inspiring feeling with all its colors, textures and refreshing rains or a moody atmosphere with melancholic moments, but it never leaves anyone neutral to its passing. Mixing these emotions with fire creates an accentuation of each stand-still moment, allowing you to witness a moment that sparked up our evolution – taming fire.

Social get-togethers and candlelight dinners

Just place a bunch of different sized candles in the fireplace and you will be aware of this beautiful change from summer to winter that we call autumn. On the dining table, above the table prepared for a casual dinner or on the floor surrounding this blessed space, candles can help guide your feelings towards being thankful for what you have and we all know we need to be reminded of that.

Do yourself a favor and build a faux fireplace for candles

An interesting weekend project would catapult your living room into the world of modern space arrangement you see in other people’s homes. Think about building a modern faux fireplace that safely displays a collection of candles – it will definitely become the focal point in the room. Umbra were the ones who beautified the den in the photos below with an eggshell-colored mantle. Candles in autumn are perfect to compose a cozy atmosphere, where family and friends can relax together.

If you already have a fireplace, you are only a few candles away from exceptionally relaxing design solution. Gather fall produce to decorate your fireplace mantle, but don’t forget to give the decorated area a deeper dimension by adding two elegant candles to frame the space above the mantle. All you need to do is make sure fire is safely contained – it never hurts checking twice.

Nesting candlelight in transparent containers and branch nests

You probably use candles to decorate your beach home in the summer, when the evening breeze gently rushes over dancing flames. Taking an interest in fabricating an inspired atmosphere inside during the colder autumn days will go a long way when you feel the need to relax in a cozy atmosphere. A few nested candles can instantly change your mood and provoke you to daydream.

Any large candle will do

You might not want to transform your home into an altar-looking collection of spaces, but one single candle can do wonders for any corner of the room. I can’t stress enough that you need to be careful with fire, but a single large candle on the table, near a window (without curtains) or even on the floor in a corner of the room is a spectacle in itself. Gently dancing in the air currents, a candle mirrors every movement around it. Dynamic, yet softly warming a room, an oversized candle matched up with your favorite song and warm drink eases the way to a serene autumn.

Candles create the perfect setting for autumn romance

The bedroom becomes a movie set with a few candles burning their wax down while you and the one your love indulge in a romantic evening. Candles in the bedroom soften the light and exposes this room’s potential for romance. Cozy up near a candle set while waiting for winter to come so you can enjoy a real fireplace, with large dancing flames and crackling sounds that personify winter comfort. I could only dream of a fireplace in the bedroom …

Fall decorating means capturing the warmth of an earthy color palette, accentuated by natural textures. Candlelight is the perfect way to accentuate a detail and soften the appeal of a room, creating a decorating opportunity with a huge relaxation potential. Are you ready to light up candles and relax?

About Ada Teicu: An architecture enthusiast, Ada shares finds from all over the world, constructing a spotlight on modern design. Expressing personal preferences on her blog – she loves uncovering new designers and find what makes acknowledged architects so unique. Follow her on Twitter or Pinterest inspiring surrounding design.