An autumn arrangement for the beach house is like a daily encounter with natural shapes and aromas, a luxury we might not afford to miss. Simple decorations that announce the coming of autumn and its passing into the colder day should remind us of the colorful beauty this season offers. It’s too bad the sunny days are further apart, we should use our increased interaction with nature to draw inspiration from the changes around us. So, after a pleasant walk on the beach, you come home to a lovely space. Think about this: you will want to light up those candles once they beautifully adorn the fall arrangements, hence save on your electricity bill.

Candles and Pumpkins

If you’re living on the beach but want to subtly hint towards the autumnal feeling you have, choosing some white candles to display on your coffee table or mantle can reshape the atmosphere. This ideas seen on StarfishCottage can be applied in many ways – for Halloween, a cheesecloth might become part of this subtle autumnal hint. Decorating in black and white creates an elegant interior design that might not be suited for adding colored decorations. If you want to keep your love for this duo, use white pumpkins and black candle holders. Try a white framed blackboard to display the traditional “trick or treat” and keep it beyond this holiday as part of your decor – just write something that inspires you every day!

A seashell mirror and orange pumpkin

Simple, right? That’s all a dining table needs – a beautiful decoration to accompany your slow meals and conversational atmosphere. The seashell mirror tray and ceramic pumpkin seen on Sally Lee by the Sea is a great idea to keep your family memories on the table in an autumnal display perfect for a beach home.

Fall decorating for the beach house mantelAutumn harvest Demijohn and seashells

Thinking about autumnal grape picking? Showcase your love for wine in an autumn-inspired corner, next to some oversized jars filled with seashells. A second idea from StarfishCottage, this autumn decoration with two tall candle holders flanking light colored pumpkins on a rug of ivy leaves is bold, elegant and traditional. This decoration for a buffet in the dining room shows a lovely collection of motifs, inspiring us to gather together our favorite fall reminders in a natural palette. The wine-storing glass bottle embraced by traditional wicker weaving mirrors its rustic shape in a seashell-adorned mirror – beautiful, elegant, traditional.

Fall decorating for the beach house mirrorPumpkins and pine cones

A bright starfish next to a few mini pumpkins and gourdes on a bed of pine cones is a very natural “beach meets forest” decoration for a beautiful autumn. Bring natural shapes and smells inside by adding a centerpiece like the one seen on Modern Vintage Coastal in your living space. And enjoy this year’s colors!

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